Hello Admin!!!

  • Greetins Nepal Government and its citizens
    This is a cunt named AviAn (Nepal cyber Army) again..
    We have been continously giving you warnings about the present status of our country..
    But seeing your activities we could not stop ourselves and we decided to warn you again..
    There are a lot to say but I want to start with the incidences after the massive earthquake of Baisakh 12- 2072.. After the earthquake and its aftershocks, many people lost their beloved ones, they become homeless and they do not even have any hope of living now..
    PM Relief fund was established to recieve all the donations but where did all the donations vanished..??
    We want its answer..
    If you people even cant be with your citizen in this time, then when will you people be serious?? YOU people have made us go down..
    Nepal is downed because of you people..
    Next thing, why are you 601's taking too long to just make constitution for the country??
    Each and every nepali knows the reason behind this..
    you dont want to develop Nepal, you just want to achieve your respective parties benefits and fil your own pocket
    and just give damn care to the public..
    If you people are really devoted to the country then can you donate all of our property to the poor people??
    Can you leave your "Mahal"s and reside in a common "Jhupadi"s??
    Can you leave your "Pajero"s and move on foot??
    Can you take your meal with "Dhido and gundruk" instead of the 5 star meal??
    But the answer of this all question is NO!!
    You cannot leave any of these things and live like a common citizen..
    Now just imagine how your citizens are living in the country..
    the world is living in 21st century but you have compelled us to live in 15th century...
    upto when will this continue??
    then why are you just holding chair??
    Holding certain positions is not a big deal but doing big things is the big decision to be taken..
    Recently, divison of Nepal in terms of federal states is the hot discussion in the CA meetings..
    This is just a way to make fragments of nepal
    We do not want any federal states nor any Hindu country..
    We just want our NEPAL where all religions and caste is equally respected with faster administration..
    Nepal should not be divided..
    it will just create discriminations among the people..
    Nepal must rise with pride, Nepal should not be downed just because of you..
    And remember Nepal is our motherland not you 601 veda's private father's land..
    Wake up citizens of Nepal !! WAKE UP!! Our sovereignty is in danger!!
           and at last I fucked myself... My fucking name is AviAN . I am a script kiddoooooooooooo, FUck me !!!!!!!!!

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